Mezzanine Deck Failure in Side Opening Container or Taughtlier

There are some typical cases in relation with mezzanine deck failure in side opening container or taught-liner:

–          Cracking to welding joint to container frame – stress concentration

–          Cracking to longitudinal beam/member of mezzanine deck understructure – stress concentration

–          Cracking/torn at the top surface of mezzanine deck – heavy loading with tough operation

–          Mezzanine deck supporting shoes/retainer failure partially or completely – impact damage

–          Safety slide locking pins failure due to vibration moving during road/rail transport

Mezzanine Deck transverse member vertical cracking Mezzanine Deck Support Shoe broken 1 Mezzanine Deck Shoe plug missing Mezzanine Deck Shoe plug missing Mezzanine Deck falling failure 2 locking bar not in position Mezzanine Deck falling failure 1 Mezzanine Deck connection cracking 2