Are you tired of losing money with Tank Container (ISO) equipment that is inactive waiting for cleaning or repair? At Western Tank Services we know that meeting and exceeding express turn around targets and extensive quality control systems means that you can better utilise your expensive ISO equipment. We keep a large range of spare parts in stock and have an experienced team including qualified pressure vessel welders which allows you to be sure you will quickly pass testing and meet all international and domestic standards.

To ensure that you can maximise your fleet of tank containers, Western Tank Services provides food grade upgrades so you can service more products.

We take care of all your tank container needs with speed, care and professionalism:

ISO Tanks Survey and Repairs[unordered_list style=”green-dot”]

  • Full and empty storage and lifting
  • ISO cleaning food grade and chemical grade
  • 2.5 year and 5 year statutory testing
  • Full ISO repairs including frame and shell repairs
  • Modifications to ISOs – baffles, remote air actuation, fall protection, additional fill points, syphon tubes etc.
  • Heating of ISOs, steam heating, diesel heating, electric heating
  • Transport full and empty ISOs
  • Full ISO damage and condition surveys      – onsite and offsite
  • Decanting into IBCs
  • Provide new and 2nd hand IBCs
  • IBC hire
  • IBC cleaning
  • Confined space entry
  • Technical advice
  • ISO fall protection hire


Western Tank Services can add remote air actuation and additional fill points to make your equipment suitable for a greater variety of tasks. Other modifications and repairs available include compliant fall protection, syphon tubes and full ISO damage and conditions surveys giving you a cost effective option that reduces unwanted transport costs.

For steam and water heating with constant monitoring you can be sure that your client’s product is at the temperature they require every time whether it requires gentle heating to avoid product damage or you need accurate predictions of time to target temperature it can be provided at Western Tank Services. You can have confidence that the product temperature will be met.

Western Tank Services use food grade hoses and pumps so product can be transferred without compromise. Decanting to IBC’s for bulk break down into manageable units or transfer into tankers is completed efficiently, we can even provide the IBC’s, clean and return your IBC’s or provide an effective IBC hire solution so that you don’t need to worry about the maintenance and servicing after delivery.

Even with our team of experts, our large range of spare parts and broad range of services ,we still have times where we need to wait for exotic parts from overseas to execute a top quality repair. In this case we can leverage the power of the Western Container Group to ensure minimal downtime or disruption to your client.

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