Quarantine Approved Fumigation Facility N3181

Western Containers is an approved fumigation facility. Approved Arrangement N3181.

A pre-advice is required for all containers that have been directed for fumigation treatment. A copy of the Quarantine Fumigation Direction and BOL is required to be included with the email advice.

On arrival into the Western Containers Depot digital photos are taken of the doors with the container seal intact. The seal number is checked with the seal number on the BOL. The digital photos are downloaded into the job in the computer system.

The container will be unloaded and placed into the fumigation area ready for the fumigation treatment. Depending on the number of hours, amount of Methyl Bromide gas required, and the temperature of the gas, as directed by DAWE.  At the completion of the fumigation process, the gas levels in the container are checked to ensure successful fumigation has been completed. A record of the treatment is forwarded to DAWE via the BIERS reporting app. The container is aired for a further 24 hours, again the gas levels are taken to ensure that there is no safety risk for the unpacking of the container.

DAWE may direct the container for “POST Fumigation” inspection.  This may include a tailgate style of inspection or a full or partial unpack inspection depending on the commodity and the Quarantine Officer. At the completion of the fumigation and/or post-inspection a ”new” seal is attached to the doors.

The status of the container is checked in ICS and should be displaying a “CLEAR” status or a “Conditional” status if there are more inspections or treatment required for that shipment/container by DAWE or Border Force.

The Broker or Importer is advised of the Completion and Release of the Container by DAWE.

Digital Photos are taken of the doors of the container and “new” seal intact. The photos are downloaded into the job on the computer system. The container is loaded onto transport to be Gated Out of the Western Containers Depot.

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