Powered Refrigerated Container Storage

Our Strathfield South container depot is located close to the Enfield and Chullora Intermodal sites which is an ideal location for you to store your refrigerated containers. Western Containers have 100 powered points for reefer storage. Currently reefer containers which have been cleared by Border Force are able to be stored. In the coming months, an FCL Bonded area will be available with the capacity of storing reefer containers. Reefer containers are stacked in door-to-door stacks in the General and the FCL 77G Bonded Area.

A pre-advice email is required for ALL Refrigerated Containers being transported into Western Containers Depot.

Our site is equipped to provide:

  • Powered Refrigerated Container Storage
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Monitored Storage
  • Maintenance & Repairs

On arrival at the Western Container Services Depot, digital photos are taken on the doors with the seal intact. A digital photo is taken of the seal, displaying the seal number. The reefer temperature display photo is taken to check the temperature recorded on the BOL. The digital photos are downloaded into the job for that reefer container into the depot system.

All reefers in storage are monitored twice a day to ensure that the reefers are operating correctly and maintaining the pre-set temperatures. If there is a fault or problem with the reefer. The Broker or Importer is advised for a Reefer Technician to attend the depot. Records of the reefer monitoring are downloaded into the job for each reefer container.

A pre-advice email is required at least 24 hours prior to the reefer container being collected from the Western Containers Depot. The email must contain the container number and a copy of the Quarantine Released Direction.

Before the refrigerated container (reefer) is loaded onto transport, digital photos are taken of the doors with seal intact, the seal (clearly) displaying the seal number, temperature display. The temperature on the display is checked with the temperature which was advised by the Broker or Importer in the original pre-advice for reefer storage. If the digital photos match the information in the depot system the reefer container is booked out of the depot system and loaded onto transport.