All shipping containers must meet minimum standards to travel by road, rail and sea. Most containers used for international transport must have a valid safety approval plate or CSC Plate affixed to certify each unit complies with international shipping regulations.

A Container Safety Certificate (CSC) issued from Western Containers assures your containers will be interoperable with all major seaports and transportation systems.

Cargo-worthy inspections are based on the structural integrity of each container, including the condition of the doors, floor, walls and ceiling understructure.

Determining whether a container is suitable for cargo can greatly reduce your risk of liability when exporting goods that must conform to domestic and international regulations. A faulty container could result in rejection at the rail or shipping terminal or costly damage to the goods during transport.

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Why choose Western Container Services for your inspections

Western Container Depot is one of the most trusted shipping container certification and repair centres in Australia. We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service in the industry, along with competitive prices and fast turnaround times.

Our shop inspectors are IICL accredited and offer the experience and qualifications to survey and certify the cargo worthiness of all types of standard shipping containers.

Our facilities can also complete any necessary repairs quickly and efficiently to bring your shipping containers into full compliance.

The many reasons to choose Western Container Services include:

  • The Western Container Depot is conveniently located close to the Sydney freight terminal and just a short drive from Port Botany and the Sydney Rail Depot.
  • We survey your units to all applicable international and domestic standards (including IICL, CIC qualified surveying and certification to R-Series)
  • Our depot has a capacity of 3600TEU and includes an undercover repair area to ensure your inspection and repair services will be completed on time.
  • All our services are backed by our comprehensive quality control guidelines.
  • One of our specialties is the inspection, maintenance and repair of refrigerated shipping containers, taut-liners and any other special equipment.
  • Our qualified container engineers will advise you on any structural defects and provide you with solutions.