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Bottom corner casting cut

Bottom corner casting cut – unsafe condition for securing.

CSC Compliance

BSR Cracking

Cracking at joint of the bottom corner casting and side rail, which would be coming along the web continuously if not repaired.

IICL5 Survey

Survey & Repair

Western Container For Cost-Effective And Fast Container Certification And Repair

All shipping containers must meet minimum standards to travel by road, rail and sea. Most containers used for international transport must have a valid safety approval plate or CSC Plate affixed to certify each unit complies with international shipping regulations.

A Container Safety Certificate (CSC) issued from Western Containers assures your containers will be interoperable with all major seaports and transportation systems.

Cargo-worthy inspections are based on the structural integrity of each container, including the condition of the doors, floor, walls and ceiling understructure.

Determining whether a container is suitable for cargo can greatly reduce your risk of liability when exporting goods that must conform to domestic and international regulations. A faulty container could result in rejection at the rail or shipping terminal or costly damage to the goods during transport.